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Armstrong Health and Fitness
Outside-The-Box Classes
 Short burst to improve all fitness levels! You will never be bored in this class!!  Weather permitting, we will head out to park, field, or even stadium stairs!  Indoors expect to circle through varied cardiovascular stations.  Classes include a variety of stations including trx, body weight, olympic lifts, tire, jump rope, sprint, field work, battling ropes and plyometrics.


$75 per month unlimited individual rate         $125 couple rate          $150 family rate

6AM Lift n Cut
9AM Boot Camp
4-7 Open Gym
5 Lift n Cut
4PM-Boot Camp
5PM- Olympic Basics
6PM-Boot Camp
9Am-Boot Camp
4-7 PM Open Gym
5 Lift n Cut
4PM-Boot Camp
5PM-Olympic Basics
6PM-Boot Camp (park)
6AM-Lift n Cut
9AM-Boot Camp
4PM-6PM Open Gym
7AM-Run Group (meets various places)
930AM-Boot Camp

–Class schedule and class availability changes seasonally. Please call 330-703-4972 .

                 Class Descriptions

  • Crossfire X- Power/strength/cardio all in one
  • Copley HS- Stairs and more. You WILL work your butt off in this class!
  • Fieldwork- FUN FUN FUN is the best description.  Lift, pull and push things you never imagined!
  • T-Times- Tabata challenge class.
  • Run Group- exactly what it says “We RUN” This class meets at a variety of locations so ask where to meet!
  • Kb Class- Work on strength  and cardio with a wide variety of Kettle bell exercises
  • Metabolic Conditioning-Increase  your Cardio and  Burn calories!!NO breaks in this class!
  • Athletic Conditioning-Have you always wondered how athletes train? Come to this class and find out!
  • Boot camp-  Free for all in this class you will NEVER know what to expect!
  • Basic Boot Camp- Bodyweight, TRX, kettle bell work…Great for every beginner!
  • Caveman/woman workout-Test your limits in this class!
  • Art of Strength- Circuit Training and Tabata class
  • Booty Camp- Hips thighs butt and core…enough said!
  • Lift & Cut- Lean and Define.
  • Kickboxing Combo-Kick, punch, ropes, bodyweight cardio workout
  • Olympic Basics- Work on form and gain strength through Olympic lifts.
  • TRX – Excellent way of strengthening your core with functional movements

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